the space

a ground floor retail space of 300 sq.ft and staff basement of 100 sq.ft, and there's a small staff loo and sink in the basement too

the location

overlooking the Market Square, with two huge bay windows, Number 14 is quite simply the best retail location in Woodstock, Oxfordshire


Do you sell artisan goods, home furnishings, or other wonderful things - then why not popup at Number 14   

the deal

one week, one month, more, that's what Number 14 is for - power for lighting and wifi access is included, you just enter the security code to access the keys and make our white space your own  

the restriction

it's not possible to change the decor or lighting inside or outside, you won't be able to cook anything or sell alcohol but that's about it for restrictions; if in doubt just ask


Are you a painter, a sculptor, a photographer - then why not exhibit and sell your work with a popup at Number 14


Are you looking to bring your idea to life - then take a look at our space and popup at Number 14


£749 per week


5% off week rate


10% off week rate